WiffleWorld, a partner with OTA Productions, is happy to announce the addition of The Phenomenon in Newton, Illinois to the 2017 slate. The Phenomenon, a sixth annual slugfest, is brought to you by The YISH.

Activities begin Friday, September 22, 2017 and championship play takes place on Saturday, September 23. You can find all the necessary information, including registration details, location, rules, and regulations at www.WiffleWorld.com.

“Overwhelmingly, the one thing excited participants and first time scoper-outters provide as feedback, ‘why do you only have this once a year and why did you build all of this just for one tournament,'” says YISH representative Darrin Sappinfield.

In the true spirit of WiffleWorld, The YISH has a good answer: “we have this opportunity to GIVE because we are ALIVE. We are healthy and able.”

Easy to support that.

Show up or follow along this weekend at Facebook.com/wiffleworld. WiffleWorld will roll from The Phenomenon in in Newton, Illinois this weekend to the 21st Annual Wiffleball World Series at Sherwood Yards in Cape Girardeau, Mo next weekend (WBWS tournament play on Saturday, September 30). The WBWS will continue it’s long time support for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Good to see the pearly white plastic ball bringing people together. Long live wiffle!