Denver, Co – As wiffle leagues across North America finish up their 2016 slates and determine league champions this week, all eyes are beginning to set on the Heartland of America for next month’s 1st ever WiffleWorld Online National Convention. The first ever WiffleWorld Online National Convention will take place December 21-28 and precede the fourth annual WiffleWorld Winter Meetings, which will take place in Denver, Co January 2-5, 2017.

“We’re pretty excited about this convention,” says WiffleWorld representative David Unterreiner. “Essentially, this is an opportunity for Wifflers to get together, from the comfort of their own couch, and talk about what a great wiffleball weekend needs.”

This year’s convention will include Facebook live broadcasts, live conversations with organizers, players, and fans, and highlights from past tournaments, as well as many other topics.

“Let’s cover everything we can. We’ve got some rule changes we want opinions on, there has been discussion regarding the live concert aspect of the event and this needs to be nailed down, we’ve talked about adding additional “non-running” divisions, considerations on having or not having umpires next year, the list goes on,” Unterreiner says. “Plenty to talk about.”

Perhaps at the top of this years priority list will again be the expansion of WiffleWorld into new cities, including Denver, Cleveland, and St. Louis.

Chuck Chandler, WiffleWorld’s eastern US Ambassador, is confident in Cleveland’s chances to land a 2017 bid. “Cleveland is the City of Champions,” says Chandler. “The fact is that every event in the country wants to come to Cleveland right now. This city is amped up, intense, and ready to party. Everybody wants Cleveland and all Cleveland wants is WiffleWorld.

But it takes a lot to bring a successful WiffleWorld event to a new city and we’re not about to half-ass this. When we get to Cleveland, Cleveland will remember us.”

There is no doubt that WiffleWorld saw vast growth in 2016, tripling tournament registration and increasing tournament attendance by 400%. The April 29th WiffleWorld Summer Classic saw world-class folk act The Creek Rocks play through a rain-soaked evening for over 300 people.

“It was pretty incredible what we pulled off at The Summer Classic in April. It was truly an example of what we try to encompass at WiffleWorld,” said Unterreiner. “A group of people, over 300 strong, came together to turn a two-day event into a one-night event. It took everybody. Volunteers were building our game fields in pouring rain, teams were adjusting to last minute schedule changes, The Creek Rocks was making on-the-fly changes to ensure an amazing performance despite the rain…it was just amazing. It was a community coming together to make something happen. I simply couldn’t be more thankful. It’s exactly what we are trying to embody at WiffleWorld. To be able to turn a bad-weather situation into a 100% success should be a point of pride for all those involved in making that happen.”

Although wiffleball, live music, and fun take center stage on WiffleWorld weekends, Unterreiner says it’s important to remember that charity is at the forefront of this march.

“The most important aspect of this entire idea is to, somehow or someway, positively affect the community that we are in,” notes Unterreiner. “It’s easy to show up, play some wiffleball, and right a check. And yes, a check does help. But how do we get the most of this? We need to do more. This will be an important point of discussion at the convention: How else can we help the community? How can we extend our reach?”

The Christmas week convention is open to the public and all are encouraged to participate. To stay up-to-date with the live schedules, follow along on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wiffleworld/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wiffleworld

Web: https://wiffleworld.com

In the meantime, Chandler says December is about gearing up. “We wouldn’t be having a convention and winter meetings if we weren’t excited. This is a free-trade league. We don’t regulate payrolls or trades or farm systems. We aren’t sitting on pins and needles about important business decisions. We’re talking about strikes and dingers. The Summer Classic has had three champions in three years and the boys sitting on the couch in their undies eating popcorn and watching Tom Brady won’t be the fourth.”

“Who’s preparing?” asks Unterreiner. “Who’s inside their house throwing wiffleballs at the walls and driving their wife crazy? Because I am. And I’d like to know that I’m not alone.”