Become a Partner With WiffleWorld

Guided by the expertise of the WiffleWorld Production Team, the mission of WiffleWorld is to bring Wiffleball to communities across the world.

Why Wiffleball?

Simply put, wiffleball is a game everyone can play. It’s a source of healthy recreation for all kinds. A game that brings youth and adults together. Sometimes its competitive, sometimes it is simply a breathe of fresh air. We need not be 6’3″ tall and freakishly athletic to fit in. We all fit in. We don’t need to be financially wealthy or have hours of spare time for practice. A plastic bat, plastic ball, and one hour is all we need.

If we can all play it and we can all fit in, why aren’t we all playing? It’s not easy for WiffleWorld to bring a tournament to every neighborhood. But we don’t have to. Many tournaments already exist and are providing a recreational outlet for their community. Many tournaments are raising money, year after year, for charity. Many tournaments have great intentions but little funding.  WiffleWorld is not aiming to start a tournament in every neighborhood. WiffleWorld is aiming to get people outside and together. With the help of our partners, WiffleWorld can succeed by supporting existing tournaments, helping to create new tournaments, and providing an online wiffleball community where experiences and fun can be shared.

WiffleWorld has become a remarkable community to align with. The WiffleWorld Production Team consists of experienced professionals responsible for aspects of the action sport events seen on major television networks worldwide, including X-GamesDew TourFIS World ChampionshipsRed Bull Signature Series events, and Red Bull Global Rally Cross. Also involved with many successful music festivals in the United States, the WiffleWorld Production Team exemplifies perfection in its trade. As a team, we have been hired to represent the world’s most recognized brands: Red BullDodgeGo Pro, Rolex, LifeProofPennzoilBridgestoneESPNFox Sports 1, US Bank…the list goes on.  Whether its an international sporting competition or a multi-million dollar community fundraiser, our production team has been there. We will due our job in providing an exceptional partnership experience.

WiffleWorld has various levels of partnership. To learn more about supporting WiffleWorld and to gain access to our partnership packages, please contact us at

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