WiffleWorld brings The Grand Daddy of ‘Em All back to Cape Girardeau for the fourth annual Summer Classic on April 22! The successful local fundraiser is charging full steam ahead in 2017 with more wiffle, more live music, and much more fun. 

All in the name of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeast Missouri

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WiffleWorld has raised $2,837 for the kids of St. Jude and $3,518 for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeast Missouri in only four years of existence, totaling $6,354 for the Southeast Missouri community! A HUGE thank you all of those who have helped along the way.  


2017 Wiffleball World Series

the 21st Annual, by the way!

September 30, 2017 – see below for details!






    WACKFEST CHAMPIONS:  1998: Regulators      1999: Regulators      2000: Regulators

2001: Beavers      2002:Regulators      2003: Regulators      2004: Nads

2005: Duck Hunters      2006: Show Stoppin’ Strawberries      2007: NBA Jam      2008: Nads

2009: NBA Jam      2010: NBA Jam

CAPE CLASSIC CHAMPIONS:  2014: Regulators   2015: NBA Jam   2016: WiffleSquad   2017: WiffleSquad



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September 30, 2017


The Diablos will be back again in 2017 to defend their third consecutive Wiffleball World Series at Sherwood Yards in Cape Girardeau, Mo on September 29, 2017! Can the Diablos establish a late dynasty as the World Series rolls into it’s third decade of dominance? 

The Diablos won their third consecutive Wiffleball World Series title in 2016, becoming only the second team in the tournament’s 20-year history to 3-peat.   Sherwood Yards, the backyard Wiffleball Mecca, and Dixie Land played host  to the heartland’s foremost tournament on September 24. 

An impressive $1,637 was raised for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital during the single day tournament, elevating the amount of money raised through WiffleWorld tournaments to $5,992 in its short three year history. 

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1997: DryHop      1998: Diablos      1999: Wifflebums      2000: Diablos

2001: Diablos      2002:Wifflebums      2003: Wifflebums      2004: Wifflebums

2005: Regulators      2006: Diablos      2007: Holiks      2008: Bomb Squad

2009: Holiks     2010: Red Sox      2011: Honey Badgers      2012: Regulators

2013: Stag     2014: Diablos      2015: Diablos      2016: Diablos

Enjoy some of our favorite Southeast Missouri wiffleball media below. 

The Gateway to the West would be an epic stop for WiffleWorld. And we know this. We’re doing everything we can to work out future dates in The ‘Lou and we will keep you updated as we progress towards another tournament in the Big City of the Show-Me State! 

A weekend stop in America’s best baseball town suits WiffleWorld just fine. 

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