WHAT WiffleWorld IS

WiffleWorld strives to unite Wifflers across the globe through various streams of support. By means of tournament hosting, WiffleWorld provides an opportunity for communities across America to participate in the Summer Classic Series, the most professional wiffleball tournament series on the globe.

In addition, WiffleWorld supports community tournaments across the heartland, providing financial assistance, fundraising support, branding dynamics, and marketing expertise to qualifying tournaments. Every dollar raised in a WiffleWorld tournament is donated to a cause within its origin community or used to support qualifying wiffleball tournaments in the Heartland of America.

We love wiffleball and we grew up breathing wiffleball and we want that passion for the game to live on amongst our youth. It is a game that anyone can play, no matter age or athletic ability or make or model. We believe in the importance of outdoor recreation, in the importance of community functions, and in the fact that a little white ball and a yellow bat can still bring people together in a refreshing way.

This is WiffleWorld.

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